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Hiring cars can sometime be a worrying time as you are taking responsibility for an expensive item that can easily be damaged by you or other people. If damage does occur it can can cost you dearly depending on your contact and the amount of damage liability you are responsible for.

Car hire companies can arrange to reduce your damage liability at a cost and this can be quite expensive, particularly for long term hires. Travel insurance policies may have cover for this type of liability so check your policy (always a good idea to have travel insurance if travelling). Alternatively some credit cards offer this type of cover free of charge. 

Always compare car hire companies as their prices differ markedly. Some car rental  also have vehicles a couple of years old which can save you a lot in rental costs.

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When driving in Australia you will experience some long drives between town and cities. Sometimes the roads will be dual lane highways, at other times the road will be a sealed single lane or perhaps a narrow dirt track if you venture into the sparse interior. Always remember that car hire companies do not like their cars going on dirt roads. Some car rental firms will not allow you to do so, others will have conditions attached to this type of driving so please check your rental agreement before setting off.


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Car Rental Tips

Car Hire is generally done on a 24 hour basis, so if you collect the car at 10am on the first day you will be expected to return the car at 10am on the last day. Car hire companies will generally charge you one fifth of the days hire per hour should you return it after your allotted time.

This may seem harsh but in running their business they must be able to utilise their cars the best way possible, and it may be that they have booked out your car immediately after your contracted return time. Always get the car back in time and make sure the fuel is at the correct level otherwise you will incur fees for both.

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